Remodeling your Summer Clothes for Autumn Fashion

The sun (or lack thereof on our sometimes grey island) is slowly fading and autumn is fast approaching. Time to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe for another year and haul out your warmer clothes for Autumn Fashion? That does not have to be the case with a little help from The Zip Yard.

For example, take a summer skirt. This could have lining added to it to make it warmer for the autumn fashion months. This would also make it heavier so it is less likely to blow up on windy days, saving you lots of embarrassment! If you feel the skirt is too short to be worn outside of those long, summer days, then you could get some fabric added to the bottom to make it more appropriate.

Maybe you feel that an item of clothing needs some more autumnal colours added to it. The Zip Yard would be able to add fabric of a more suitable colour to pretty much any item of your choosing.

Short jeans could also receive the Zip Yard treatment. Fabric could be added to them so they can be worn on cooler days. The same could be said for items with short sleeves, such as tops or blouses. Fabric could be added to the sleeves to make them longer so you can wear them for longer.

Your favourite summer jacket is another candidate. Lining could be added to make it warmer and the sleeves could be lengthened. Even a simple action such as changing the buttons could make it more autumn fashion friendly.

Of course, no job is too big or too small. Any garment could get a complete overhaul, with fabric added or changed, zips changed, buttons replaced and lining included.

So, the wonderful work of The Zip Yard could spell the end of two separate wardrobes for women everywhere. Summer could integrate with autumn and your favourite clothes can be worn all year round with just a little alteration.