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Tailoring for Autumn Winter 2014

Ok peops autumn is upon us and winter is on the way! I for one am delighted and excited. You really can’t beat the cooler months for modelling a totally tailored look. Great fitting trousers & skirts worn with shirts, sweaters, jackets and coats can create a perfect capsule collection.  Teaming separates to create that overall crisp silhouette is a style lover’s paradise.  Its fashion heaven for accessory lovers too, adding hats, scarves and gloves can really pull an outfit together and no better day than a rainy one for adorning a gorgeous fedora. Whatever you feel, tailoring your clothes and accessories can be fun and effective!

When rifling through your wardrobe in preparation for September to February don’t dismiss any previous years items. Remember a little adjustment to your items can have your clothes in tip top order for the coming months.  Don’t discard a jacket because the sleeves are too long or a coat because the shoulders are too wide. Bring your item to your nearest Zip Yard and let our staff work their tailoring magic to transform your clothes from drab to fab.  Whether the alteration is subtle or a full revamp, you can easily prolong the wear of your clothes enjoying  them long into the chilly season.

Consider hemlines when shopping for new dresses and coats. Make sure your skirt length isn’t dipping under your coat length as it gives an untidy overall look. Shortening the hem on outerwear is a quick and easy solution to polishing your look. But our biggest tip for the coming season  is to invest in a good winter coat. It’s all about the statement coat in 2014 with nearly every department store stocking a fabulous range. Choose yours wisely. Consider the best shape & colour for you and allow us to alter it into perfection.  We guarantee you a coat can last years if you choose wisely and alter expertly.

For those of you more fashion forward, why not incorporate some of the coming trends into your existing closet? 1960’s dressing was all over the Louis Vuitton & Valentino catwalk. It was the revival of the mini & the a-line skirt allowing us to show off those legs ladies. A great trend for strawberry shapes whose best feature is their perfect pins while the a-line skirt is ideal for balancing a bottom heavy pear.  Simple shortenings or slight tapering to the sides of a tired dress could recreate these looks with ease.

The wonderful world of fairytales dominated the Dolce & Gabbana runways showcasing everything from huge fur hoods to intricate and embellished capes.  Why not emulate Domenico & Stefano by adding an elaborate fur edging to the hood of last year’s coat or embellish a boring black dress with an over the top trim from your local fabric store?   This way you get a bespoke piece nobody else will have with some tailoring.  You could even go so far as to pick up a pattern & some material and have your very own cape made from scratch.

We even recommend you consider alterations while out shopping or browsing online. Everything looks so much better when it fits right. Don’t lose faith in the fitting room because the waist is too wide on an otherwise perfect pair of slacks. Most of us don’t conform to European body sizes. It would be a gift to wear clothes straight from the rack but the reality is we are all different and need our pieces tweaked to enhance our shapes.

So the message is, whether you are trying to get the most from your existing items in terms of fit, or whether you are trying to revive your clothes to be more on trend, or if you are simply procrastinating over the purchase of a new item, alterations are a service that are paramount to ensuring you look every inch the fabulous fashionista this Autumn Winter.   Let  us do the worrying while you do the wearing.

This post was written by The Zip Yard Limerick team, we hope you enjoyed it!