The Zip Yard

Terms Conditions

How quickly can you turnaround an item?

We can turn your order around in 48 hours. We also have a 1 hour express services available for jobs that can be completed in that time.

Can you repair motorbike leathers?

Yes, We can repair leather items including motorbike leathers.

Can you repair motorbike leathers?

Yes, We can repair leather items including motorbike leathers.

Do you do Dry Cleaning/Laundry?

Yes. The vast majority of our stores nationwide offer these services. Call in to our stores for more details on this and the special offers available.

Can you fix zips in boots and bags?

Yes, no problem. We have the machines required to carry this out.

Do you do bridal alterations

Bridal wear is no problem, our tailors and seamstresses have years of experience and will ensure you look fantastic for your big day. No need to book an appointment but if you would like, you can let us know in advance and we can ensure you and your bridal party get our undivided attention.

How much do alterations costs?

All clothes are different and everyone is different. The majority of jobs are bespoke and are priced on an individual basis. We can always inform you of the price before you leave your item so you know where you stand right through the process.

Do you only fix zips?

Zips are only one of the many areas we specialise in. We can, repair, alter, re-size, and remodel all types of clothing. We are experts in restyling your clothes.

How will I know my item is ready?

When your item is complete and has passed our quality checks you will receive a text message to let you know that it is ready for collection.

What is the Express Service and how much does it cost?

If you use our Express Service, your order will be prioritised to the top of the queue and will be the next item to be worked on. The cost of the Express Service is €5 per item.

Express Service is available in all stores nationwide, subject to availability. An additional fee will be charged for Express Alterations.

Do you have any Terms and Conditions?

Not many but a few! We request that customers collect their items within 3 months of leaving them. If uncollected after this time the store will no longer be responsible for them and they may be disposed of. We also request that customers pay at least a deposit on items when leaving them into our stores. This is due to the high number of items uncollected. We would also like customers to enjoy their experience with The Zip Yard, we will do our very best to make this happen!

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