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  • LBD Overhaul

    LBD Overhaul

  • Long Line Waistcoat Suit

    Long Line Waistcoat Suit

  • Leopard Print Dress

    Leopard Print Dress

  • Bardot Style Tuxedo

    Bardot Style Tuxedo

  • Scarf to Capelet

    Scarf to Capelet

  • Dress to Pencil Skirt

    Dress to Pencil Skirt

  • Contrast Pattern Dress

    Contrast Pattern Dress

  • Two Tone Effect Coat

    Two Tone Effect Coat

  • Lace Overlay Dress

    Lace overlay Dress

  • Chanel Inspired Jacket

    Chanel Inspired Jacket

  • Long Line Blazer

    Long Line Blazer

  • Dress to Jump Suit

    Dress to Jump Suit

  • Scalloped Edge Trim

    Scalloped Edge Trim

  • Reverse Wrap Dress

    Reverse Wrap Dress

  • Contrasting Neckline & Trim

    Contrasting Neckline & Trim

  • Jumpsuit to High Waisted Trousers

    Jumpsuit to High Waisted Trousers

  • One Shoulder Double Peplum

    One Shoulder Double Peplum

  • Summer Blouse to Winter Chic

  • Dramatic Fur

    Dramatic Fur

  • Sports Luxe Trousers

  • Cosy Capelet

  • Two Tone Cape Coat

  • Military Coat

  • Kate Hudson Jumpsuit

    Kate Hudson’s Jumpsuit

  • Jennifer Lopez Yellow Jumpsuit

    Jennifer Lopez Yellow Jumpsuit

  • Diane Kruger's Dress

    Diane Kruger’s Dress

  • Solange Red Dress

    Solange Red Dress

  • Rose Byrnes Dress

    Rose Byrnes Dress

  • Miranda Kerr Pink Gown

    Miranda Kerr Pink Gown

  • Oversized to Chanel Chic

    Oversized to Chanel Chic

  • Classic Shift to Race Day Ready

    Classic Shift to Race Day Ready

  • One of a Kind

    One of a Kind

  • Beachwear to Festival Chic

    Beachwear to Festival Chic

  • Workwear to Evening Wear

    Workwear to Evening

  • Blazer Altered

    Zara Blazer - €39.99
    The Zip Yard Alterations - €55

  • Classic Cocktail to Evening Dress

    Classic Cocktail to Evening Dress

  • Skinny Jeans Altered

    Zara - €16.99
    The Zip Yard Alterations - €30.00

  • Shirt Altered

    Oasis Shirt - €35
    The Zip Yard Alterations - €20

  • Dress Altered

    Oasis Dress - €30
    The Zip Yard Alterations - €40

  • Skirt Altered

    Dunnes Skirt - €20
    The Zip Yard Alterations - €30

  • Black Dress/Jacket Before

  • Black Dress/Jacket After

  • Black Dress/Jacket After

  • Blazer Before

  • Blazer After

  • Blazer After

  • Dress Before

  • Dress After

  • Dress After

  • Bridesmaid Dress Before

  • Bridesmaid Dress After

  • Bridesmaid Dress After

  • Tartan Coat Before

  • Tartan Coat After

  • Evening Dress Before

  • Evening Dress After

  • Evening Dress After