You are currently viewing The Zip Yard on RTE Today – 20th October 2017!

The Zip Yard on RTE Today – 20th October 2017!

The Zip Yard returned to RTE Today on Friday 20th October with a style clinic all about up-cycling your wardrobe to incorporate some of this season’s most covetable trends. Stylist Irene O’ Brien joined us with 6 looks that were transformed by the The Zip Yard Ireland!

Here’s a look at the full feature!

And here are the six transformations!

Look 1

Before: Short mustard casual style cowl-neck jacket

Alteration: Using extra fabric, the look was changed into a cape coat by adding a second neutral tone. Transformed into full length two-tone cape coat.

Look 2

Before: Classic pair of slim leg trousers and thin cream knit top

Alteration: Strip of vibrant fabric added to create a horizontal stripe, elongating the leg. To the jumper, block colour was added and the length shortened. Next a contrasting collar and cuff was added along with some classic gold buttons. 

Look 3

Before: Simple sleeveless peplum blouse

Alteration: A dramatic ruffle colla was created, loose sleeves added the peplum removed. Finished off with a straight cut hem.

Look 4

Before: Simple double breasted coat

Alteration: A two-tone fur collar was created. The shape was downsized from a double to a single breasted coat.

Look 5

Before: Classic tartan scarf

Alteration: Simplest of alterations, adding lining and creating a caplet.

Look 6

Before: Classic one-tone soft tailored coat

Alteration: Addition of masculine trim and buttons to give it a sharp military cut. Cuffs removed and collar opened.