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The Debs Experience From Hell

The eventful (or sometimes dreaded) deb’s season is almost upon us and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big night! Who knows, you just might be going to your debs with your future hubby??

Whether you’re a first time debs go-er, a debs regular, or a parent of a debutant, all girls know how important it is to find the dress that makes you stand out and shine on the night. But, let’s face the reality; your debs can be a really stressful time. There’s getting the right guy to go with, what party you are going to afterwards, hair, make up and of course – the dress!
So let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls of buying a debs dress

Nightmare Online

Typically when you order a dress online it arrives to much excitement which can sometime lead to total deflation when you realise that it doesn’t fit you at all or it’s not quite what you expected.
What happens when your dress doesn’t even get delivered? Panic, cry or leave the country…..all of those options? Don’t worry, at The Zip Yard we can take care of any eventuality that may arise after you purchase your dress for the big occasion online. Call or drop into any of our outlets to see how we can help.

it’s just not what I asked for

So maybe you’ve gone to a local dress maker and shared your dream for the most amazing dress ever only to be left felling disappointed by the final cut?
Rather than embarrassing you and the dressmaker you just keep your mouth shut and suck it up….It’ll be fine you tell yourself. You can’t stop thinking about it and your about to burst with anxiety. At The Zip Yard we deal with these eventualities all the time. We get asked to mend, trim, cut, add, remodel dresses everyday which, makes us the experts at what we do. No disrespect to the local dressmaker but are they really up to date with current trends? Think before you leap girls!

Distasteful Quality

Poor quality isn’t the only thing that you might come across while buying your debs dress. Poor customer service is something else to watch out for. Whether buying from a high street store, online or from a specialist stockist if you get bad service it can leave a not too pleasant taste in your mouth. Some debutants experience a myriad of obstacles when trying to actually get their dress but it doesn’t have to be this way. Make sure you deal with a reputable agent or store when purchasing and if all else fails just think The Zip Yard.

Just a Small Snag in Your Big Night?

Ordering a dress from some of these online, high street or specialist stores can cause added anxieties but don’t be put out, there are plenty of sites and stores who offer great service and high quality dresses. If you purchase online make sure you leave ample time for arrival, alterations or return. So whether you are ordering a debs dress online or by any other means to get a unique, inexpensive, custom fit or to save time, do your homework and remember – We’re here to help!