From Mama to Me – Restyle your way to fashion success

There’s nothing more precious than a piece from your mother’s wardrobe, or in other words – From Mama to Me!

Being able to wear those sentimental items makes us gals even more emotional about our clothes (If that’s even possible). Take a tired piece and  put your own stamp on it! Its easy with some clever tailoring and restyling even if it is coming from mama.

Mama to Me

Add leather sleeves and take an 1980’s blazer into the noughties, back in mama’s time. To polish this look we also used the leather to trim the pocket lines. Remember you can pick up old leather jackets and coats in charity stores for as little as €5 . Use these to recreate your look. Like mama like daughter bar a few decades using The Zip Yard.

Pam X

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