Tulle, le do thoil!

Are you thinking Ballerinas and Wedding Veils? Well these are what this fabric was traditionally used for but has since hit the catwalk after becoming a must-have for all fashion crazy girls. The great news is that Tulle comes in various colours and lengths.

Top designers are showing just how trendy Tulle can be. If you’re new to this fabric and want to incorporate small detail from it with other garments you can create detail using small pieces of the fabric and have it added to your dress, jacket, trousers or even handbags.

We love fashion and fabric and with Tulle being hot this season we want you to know that we can help you create your perfect Tulle look! Speak to any of our Zip Yard Girls for more info and make your fashion ideas come to life. We’ve included a picture of an Asos Skirt with Tulle over skirt – made in-store here at The Zip Yard Navan. The customer purchased the dress and brought the tulle to us separately. Very simple idea but now she has a one off skirt that makes an impact.

You can get various colours and lengths of Tulle – Ask in-store for details and creative ideas!