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We are your Debs Alterations Specialists at The Zip Yard!

Here at The Zip Yard we find ourselves in the midst of debs season and of course whats is on everyone’s mind only – Debs Alterations. Every year trends change from all over sequins to simple silhouettes to chiffon and lace and tulle, oh my! Don’t worry, whatever style you choose, we’ve got you covered.

We look forward to debs season almost as much as the gorgeous girls who attend them. For most girls, the excitement begins in the spring when the dresses start to arrive in the stores. It gets into full swing from mid July and culminates with the ‘debs ball’ which tends to run from the last week in August to the first week in September.

The debs is one of the most important milestones in a girls lifetime. It has become a big deal in Ireland in recent years. My debs unfortunately was not such a glamorous event. We all look back on our debs photos and cringe at the puffy sleeves, permed hair, blue eye shadow and imagine… fake tan wasn’t even invented (the horror)!

When we think about our dream debs dress we think Cinderella, princess, prom queen, the perfect fairy tale and it is all about the dress. We want to have the perfect unique style and fit. Once the dress is right everything else will fall into place.

Many dresses this year highlight the back. We are seeing dresses where the front is elegant and simple and when you turn the wow factor really kicks in with draped backs, cut out or with straps, offering full exposure or adorned with lace, chiffon or sparkly beading. Having the right underwear is crucial for these dresses and we stock a wide range of backless strapless bras.

Another very popular style is the full sequin, sparkly dress. It’s a real show stopper, you just cannot go wrong. We have had many inquiries recently as to whether these dresses can be altered and the answer is yes. It does, however, take a lot of skill, time and precision from the dress maker. Do not be tempted to get out the scissors yourself!

Many girls are purchasing debs dresses online which inevitably arrive ill fitting. Do not worry we will make it fit and have you looking gorgeous. The important thing is do not panic and remember to bring your shoes to your fitting!

And then we have the girls who like things a little different. They want to wear their older sisters dress made by mom but it’s just a little dated, or they have picked up something cheap in a second hand store or on a sale rack. Sometimes they have ideas of what they want or are looking for a bit style advice. Don’t fret, that is what we are here for.

Finally we must not forget about the boys. For them it’s a little easier as they can hire a tuxedo which never goes out of style. Even hired suits/ dresses, however, may need a sleeve shortened or a trouser leg taken up. This can be done temporarily and can be put back to the original length on return to the dress hire shop. We also make ties, cravats, bow ties, cummerbunds and pocket squares.

Whatever your need, want, desire, or dream this debs season we will be happy to be a part of this exciting time in your life.

Audrey x – Owner of both Zip Yard locations in Cork (Cork City & Douglas)

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