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Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends of 2015

It’s half way through the summer ladies and you should have your summer wardrobe in order at this stage. But, for those of you who don’t why not stick around to see our Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends of 2015.

1) Khaki

Has been in the stores and on the runway for over 40 years now and is going nowhere. This fashion classic is making a huge comeback this summer and is perfect for the long summer evenings or during working hours. Wear it as you will but rest assured that khaki has your back in whatever environment you choose to wear it in.

2) Hippy

Again, one of the classics that has been around since the 70’s, hippy is here for the summer of 2015. Long flowing dresses, headbands and scarf’s are on trend right now and like khaki are prefect for the hot days of summer. You can wear hippy to any summer festival or when just lounging around for comfort that is second to none.

3) lace

The delicate fabric of lace has long been a favourite of many girls. It’s sexy feel gives you exactly what you need if you’re hitting the town at night and can in some instances see you through an office meeting too. Lace can be worn as a full dress or accessorised with long pants or culottes. Whatever you choose to partner lace with you won’t be disappointed.

4) Ballerina

We get it, since you were young you wanted to be one but wearing ballerina clothes is somewhat different. Most girls can sport this trend in a heartbeat but be careful how you go with these long flowing tutu skirts. Accessories are a major part of pulling it off. Get the heels wrong and you can look like a tent parked in the middle of a festival field. But, once mastered, the ballerina look can have you looking as elegant as any girl. Top tip: Gladiator sandals are a great substitute for heels!

The Zip Yard Ballerina

5) Vintag

Like hippy the vintage look has been around for, well since the dawn of fashion time. By this definition alone you have got a wealth of fabrics and garments to choose from. Whether you’re shopping at a specialised vintage store or going main stream you won’t be disappointed. Look out for this summer’s prints and textured fabrics with floral design to add to the look. Just about anything goes with vintage but try to be easy-going in your accessorising, it is the summer after all.

So there you have it…or want it, as the case may be. Don’t forget we can transform almost any garment into a stunning piece for you. All we need is your vision and we’ll do the rest.

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