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The Zip Yard Fixed My Wedding Day

Everything was booked…. anxiety had transformed to excitement and the countdown was beginning. White long stem lilies surrounded every angle and overflowing each side of their cradling golden stands filling the room with a beauty that took the guests breath away. Petals lay covering the walkway not showing even one of the dark flooring underneath nearly tricking the eye to believe they swayed like the heads of straw in a field a day away from cutting. This was the walk that would change my life forever……………

Flashing back five months ago, reviewing my wedding day budget, anxiety was the only feeling running through my body and had been for the previous few months. My huge dreams of my designer dress, and Charlotte Church signing whilst I walked the aisle finishing with U2 playing to my first dance as Mr and Mrs. had flown away never to be considered and day wondered again. I decided though my wedding dress was a big deal, it wasn’t the end all to myself – being only worn once and then going into storage. I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase my wedding dress online. I quickly learned from previous experiences checking size differences in different continents is a MUST.

I found a website with some beautiful gowns and fantastic reviews and with this I decided to take the plunge, a more difficult decision than my skydive or bungee jump in my 20 somethings. One more job done I thought my measurements had all been sent and I was happy, my list was shrinking shorter and shorter each day.

The day had come and I was so excited, I signed for the package screamed at the top of my lungs and my sisters and mother ran to me, believing I was being murdered. Low and behold the dress was here. While un-packaging the dress my first issue surfaced……

As I lifted my wedding dress from the box gently I heard the falling of the sewn on pearls. I pushed the negativity floating over me to the back of my mind and decided it was an easy mend. I sat the dress out ready for me to step into and slowly lifted it to shoulder level letting the straps rest on my shoulder. My sister closed the back and I moved towards the mirror. My heart sunk and broke all in the one second. The dress was too loose on the bust too tight on the hip and the material was so thin it was almost transparent, also I found dirt marks on the back . Life was over as I knew it.

Shortly following with the denial of responsibly by the website,I had an emotional breakdown and with my girlfriends distraught and considering what options I had left as the day grew closer and closer. My decision was nearly finalised to cancel everything and lock my bedroom door when my friend remembered she had seen The Zip Yard on the television and could recall they worked with bridal wear.

Within a flash second I was on their website stalking each section for the word wedding and there it was. Easily navigated I found my local branch and the following day I was on route. I drove around the corner to a glowing yellow sign which shone at me like the sun praying I had found my saviour. On entering the store I was giving a big friendly greeting and asked when the big day was?! I nearly shocked on the words knowing time was of the essence.

I was shown to a beautiful changing room and helped into my dress, with a fantastic front of house giving me a consultation and chatting to me about every option available we joked about designer dresses and how it never works out that way. The lovely receptionist asked me to show some images and we decided on how we would go forward and incorporate these ideas – I was even offered other options to add to the dress, more detail, a longer trail. I was over the moon. I had one fitting during the week to make sure everything was sizing up OK and by the end of the week it was ready for collection. I can honestly say it is thanks to The Zip Yard that my big day came true in the dress I dreamed off.

When I was leaving I mentioned I had bridesmaid’s dresses needing shortened which the lovely front of house told me a great idea they could do, which was use the spare material to make the dickie bows.

I want to give a huge thanks to The Zip Yard for their great service, professionalism and amazing skills. Thank you for saving my day.

Martha Jane Graham