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Bring on the Baby Bump

Congratulations all you gorgeous geese awaiting your little duckies, or as we call it…the Baby Bump.  You are currently glowing and radiant in anticipation of your beautiful new arrival but we want to make sure your clothes are looking just as fab as you. Ah those glorious moments when you are so excited and dying to share your news with all your loved ones. Fast forward a few months and an overwhelming  sense of panic can take over. That age old question when you look into a full & useless wardrobe, What can I wear with my Baby Bump??

Ok your first moment is a joyous one. Woohoo! A justifiable reason to shop. So you do. And a lot of the time you are left feeling deflated because, guess what ladies maternity wear in this country can be amazing but only if you have a big budget to support it. The alternative is online shopping, and from my experience helping gorgeous mums to be, click & pay often leaves them a little disappointed with a lot lighter purse. So you might ask what is the solution? Well my advice to all my fab ladies is STOP  BUYING MATERNITY WEAR! Outrageous as it may sound, believe me it makes sense in the long run. Financially you are getting more bang for your buck while not to mention keeping your own personal sense of Baby Bump style at the same time.
My first pocket friendly tip will give you  mileage with your beloved stretchy jeans. The last time I ventured to a maternity store with a friend who lives in her skinnies and  not willing to give them up forsake her fantastic bump, the best pair for her body(not bump) were almost €200! That is a high price to pay ladies with the alternative i am about to offer. At the Zip Yard we can add that very same elasticated panel to the front and back of trousers that can grow with you as your bump does. And the best part is, you can have your favourite jeans back to their original shape when your body is ready. All we need do,  is remove the panels  and you are back into your fav denims in jig time. And the best part is, its for a fraction of the price of those designer denims.
Tip number two is all about occasion wear, the dreaded attire for expectant mums to be! The looming wedding/christening/birthday that necessitates getting really dressed up for. You are stunning and you should get drolled up, but the important thing to remember is to dress your body and not just your bump. Ok so we know basically that the bump gets bigger and bigger as the months pass on. But ladies it ain’t all about the bump. Sometimes is the bust and hips that kick in before the tummy really appears. Other times legs can swell or bums start getting a mind of their own. This is something high street designers often fail to account for.  Yes the fit is perfect for the bump but you can barely breath its so tight on the bust or your upper arms are squished within an inch of their life. This again is where I say stop buying maternity wear.
If you see a dress in the non maternity section that you know is absolutely you, buy it(albeit it two or three sizes bigger). Simply allow us at The Zip Yard to tailor it to your pregnant body. And guess what, you can easily have it taken in to fit your post pregnant body. A gorgeous pregnancy friendly look is the wrap dress either to the knee or full length.  It always creates a stunning evening look. Stretchy cotton/lycra will expand with your growing body but can also be easily adjusted after bubs has arrived.  And voila,  you have another perfect ensemble for tyour next big night out.
The moral of this story is you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money during and after your pregnancy to feel comfortable.  With our help you can feel like a goddess even when you are eating for two. Its all in the alterations.
This post was written by The Zip Yard Limerick