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Quick Bridal Gown Alterations and Other Ways to Reduce Wedding Costs

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most joyous moments of your life. Unfortunately, the expenditure attached to it will certainly be enough for you to let loose a few sighs and groans along the way. After all, Irish weddings are becoming more and more expensive with each passing year. Here’s our tips for Bridal Gown Alterations

Luckily, there are a few ways you can have a fantastic wedding without breaking the bank. Some ways you can trim down wedding costs include:

Wedding Day

Still haven’t decided when to have your wedding? According to an article from The Wedding Journal, you should consider holding the ceremony on any day but Saturday:

“Choosing an off-peak wedding date is the best-known money saving trick in the book but shouldn’t go unmentioned as it can effectively cut your wedding venue expenditure. Have your wedding in November or February and on a weekday to avoid elevated Saturday prices. Have a shorter wedding reception in the evening, just serving one meal rather than two as lunch menus are often an unnecessary commodity.”

Bring Out the Cake

Start your reception with the tenderest moments: speeches from parents, wedding cake cutting, etc. This reduces the amount you will spend on wedding photographers and videographers (since they are paid an hourly wage). With the proliferation of smartphones and D-SLRs, your guests are sure to keep clicking away for the rest of the reception.

Visit Sample Sales

Know when your favourite bridal shop will be holding its sample sales. You can find stunning dresses for a fraction of the usual price, allowing you to pour more money into other areas of your wedding.

Even if you fall in love with a dress that isn’t a perfect fit, you should go ahead and buy it! You can always have the dress altered at a bridal alterations shop like The Zip Yard. Despite the cost of alteration, you’re still likely to walk away with a steal.

If you do decide to purchase a dress that doesn’t fit your frame to a tee, try to limit yourself to one or two sizes too big. It’s cheaper to have slim-fitting alterations done than to increase the size of a dress.

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