Let Everyone feel and look great for that special occasion!

A wedding is the most important day in any girl’s life when she likes to feel like it’s a special occasion. She is marrying the person she loves and she gets to wear the perfect dress and she is surrounded by the people she loves the most. All eyes are on her and she feels amazing. More often then not there are a group of people standing beside her throughout the whole day just barely grinning through the uncomfortable appearance to look happy when they least feel it, the bridesmaids who are part of the bridal party.

Of course it’s the brides day and she should have everything any way she wants, she should take into consideration that not all her lovely bridesmaids will be comfortable in the dresses she picks out. Respect that they all have different personalities which you should allow them to express in their comfort. If you want your maids to match, don’t just think about your dream wedding — you also have to consider their figures. If you know they would be uncomfortable in the dresses you envision, come up with a compromise.

Not sure one dress will work for all your girls? Come up with guidelines (maybe a color and length you like) and then let them choose the exact style. Trust us, even with different necklines or sashes, they’ll still look fantastic. Remember you want each and every one of your maids to feel beautiful (and comfortable!), so your efforts in the dress department are well worth it.

Of course brides, pick out your dresses and colours for your bridesmaids and even if they aren’t comfortable give them the option of altering it so they can also feel flawless and celebrate the whole day with you.

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