Alterations – The Curvy Girls friend

The staple of every woman’s wardrobe is a good pair of trousers along side the infamous pair of perfect jeans. They should be the easiest things to shop for, but in my experience as a curvy woman they are often the hardest to get right and shopping for the them often left me in a cold sweat. How can something so basic be so hard to get right?? I’ve learned that embracing my body and opening my eyes to what actually suits my body instead of dressing for current trends has made the whole experience much easier and has definitely helped my finances. So what can The Zip Yard do to be The Curvy Girls friend?
Here are some simple tips for dressing those curves. My first basic in my wardrobe is a good old fashioned pair of bootcut jeans. Some may find them boring but they flatter a curvy body so well. Mid to High rise is your friend as a lady with a bit of meat on her bones. They give definition by drawing your eye to the waist and a wider leg balances proportions between hips and lower legs. A 70’s flared look is great at doing the same and are huge at the moment. The taller you are the bigger the flare you can carry so just beware any petite curvy ladies. Keep it in proportion to your height.
My only problem with these jeans is the dreaded “Gap” at my waist. Fitting perfect on my hips does not always carry to fitting my waist so tailoring is essential. If they are too loose on the waist the will keep dropping and nobody wants a builder’s bum. A simple alteration to take in on the waist is worth the comfort a figure hugging jeans.
Wide legs trousers are a great way to dress well for work or play and still feel comfortable and confident. Very often mid to high in cut, they can disguise a softer belly and apply definition to the waist. Again its all about balancing wide hips to a wide look on the leg.
Next the dreaded/favourite skinny jean. These are going nowhere and why would we want them to they  can look so good. From day time casual to night time chic skinny’s can look great on a fuller figure. Biggest tip here is length is everything. Too long and they just add bulk to your legs. Always have them tailored to in and around the ankle bone and wear with pointy pumps for even longer lags.

Top Tips

Avoid Low rise: they sit on the widest part of your hip and shorten the leg. These are not any curvy girls friend. Avoid Loose Fitting slouchy jeans: no matter how hard I try my curves disappear and I’m left with a bulky frame. Avoid too much detailing on the bum and hips: Big Pockets add inches to the bum. All your jeans have big pockets easy just remove them or make  smaller ones. Avoid bleaching colouring on the thighs. Unless you have toned thighs like Beyoncé light colours here will do you no favours. Stick with darker tones and you will look curvy and toned.

So after all that I am off to shop for a fab pair of trousers worthy of my curvy body.

Siobhan x

The Zip Yard Limerick.