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Dresses, dresses, dresses & not a dress to wear

Every one of us gals has a closet full of dated dresses, right? How many times have we stood in front of our wardrobes staring blankly at a pile of frocks that haven’t seen the light of day in years? And how many times have we admired something on another woman, stirring thoughts of “Why didn’t I think of that” and “I have something like that at home”. We end up feeling utterly exasperated with our lack of fashion savvy. The reality is, sometimes we just don’t have the vison to pull out a pre worn dress and rejuvenate it so it makes another well-deserved outing.  The said dress was originally bought with a particular pair of shoes/bag/earrings in mind and now that ‘look’ has been long done, dusted, and packed away in some style archive.   It’s no simple feat to get our heads around restyling our gunas for another equally show stopping round.  But let me tell you ladies, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The simple solution is; fill a bag to the brim with as many antiquated items you can find and make a dash for your local Zip Yard. As Johnny said in Dirty Dancing, “Leave the tough stuff to us”. God I love that movie! So really, leave the alterations to us. Resizing, remodelling and repairing is what we do.

Ok so you’ve made the first step. You’ve raided your wardrobe and rounded up your dusty dresses noting that some of them are in super nick while others could have put you on the bread line with their celtic tiger price tags. Now, shove them all into a sturdy carrier bag and the rest will be magic as they say. Watch while we bring these dresses back to life and trendy enough to wear today. We will work with you to find solutions that fit both aesthetically & financially. We will have you looking drop dead gorgeous, hot to trot, and like an even better version of your yummy self.  We will look at each item from your closet clear out and decide which of these worn pieces we can bring back and make more wearable. Instead of re mortgaging your house on designer garb, you can be bespoke beautiful using your own capable collection. Ching ching dahrling!

Here are some on trend, fashion fabulous and easy to replicate looks using some dresses that may already be hanging in many an Irish cailins closet. Be inspired.

 Add a lace overlay to a dated shift dress to stand out from the crowd

The Zip Yard2

Add some trim & feathers to a plain work dress. Make a cape to match

Create a new neckline front & back. Make a bow. Add trim & a peplum feature

 Got a simple black dress? Add embellishment and wear it to your next party night

This blog was written by Caroline Wallace