– Model Roz Purcell wears bespoke The Zip Yard design

Roz Purcell certainly upped the style stakes at Leopardstown Races Ladies Day yesterday in a Whistles number restyled at The Zip Yard into a bespoke one-shoulder design. Ladies Day at The Races is always an occasion that calls for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in order to stand out from the crowd and catch the judges eye.

Lucky for Roz she knows just the way to do this; Pick up a simple stylish piece and get it restyled at The Zip Yard into something bespoke and unique.

You can catch Roz Purcell’s outfit as featured on today and also on our instagram page to see the before and after shots.

Get inspired and visit your local Zip Yard for your own bespoke take on an outfit, our professional staff and seamstresses will consult with you to create your dream look.

Love, The Zip Yard xxx

Roz Purcell - Instagram

Rozb Purcell Instagram 2