The Style Team Review The Zip Yard: Create your dream outfit at The Zip Yard

Top fashion writer Freya Drohan recently visited us in The Zip Yard in Dublin City Centre with a unique and stunningly beautiful outfit inspiration from Melbourne Fashion Week. Pictured below is the top model Ashley Hart wearing a stunning design by Willow, we can really see why it captured Freya’s imagination but the depressing €1200 price tag pushed the dream outfit further out of Freya’s reach. Luckily, Freya is a creative girl and doesn’t give up that easily! So when she visited us in South Anne Street with the idea we immediately jumped at the chance to create Freya’s dream outfit.


For those of you that didn’t know, expensive designer outfits are totally within your reach when you make The Zip Yard your partners in style. Did you know that we can restyle inexpensive staple items from H&M, Penneys and other high street shops to make them look designer?

Freya intitally just came to us for a free consultation where we looked at photos of her dream outfit and discussed the best way to approach making the outfit and the fittings we would require before completion.

In most cases, it is much more economical to remodel an existing garment than to create a garment from scratch, so we advised Freya to bring us an inexpensive cream blazer from H&M and a pair of sheer palazzo pants she had at home that we could use as a template.

In order to create the blazer we had to remove the collar and add a shiny zip to the front as well as reshape the hem and create the unique sleeve design with the high splits. Such a simple idea made an inexpensive H&M jacket indistinguishable from the designer original. The trousers were made from cream chiffon sourced by us at The Zip Yard and  we used Freya’s own Palazzo pants as a template to ensure the perfect size and fit.

After 3 fittings, we had Freya’s outfit custom made and perfect for her. As you can see from the photos Freya was the belle of the ball in that show-stopping two-piece. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and go for your own bespoke style.

For your own designer inspired outfit come to us for a free consultation at The Zip Yard. If you can bring even just a photo of your outfit inspirations and we can advise you which garments to bring us, where to source fabric and trimmings, and the timeline and fittings we will need

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