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Culottes – Are They On The Way Back?

Okay ladies, I know when we think of Culottes we have flash backs of our mothers and grandmothers summer suits in peaches, tans and pale blues, however they are back in for Summer 2015!

I remember my own mum wearing some very smart culotte suits to work in the 80’s which still hang in her wardrobe waiting for the day they can be re-styled and re worn! Well now is the time ladies! Why not rummage through mums wardrobe, pull out some these little gems and head straight down to The Zip Yard for a remodel and bring them into 2015!

With masculine influences right on trend at the moment it is time to clear away those old memories and embrace this fashionable trend. It can be daunting moving back into the wide leg trousers and culottes are certainly wide legged but we can tailor them to suit you and your style! When we’re finished with them take some inspiration from labels like Armani and Jean Paul Gautier!

Try pairing them with a feminine blouse and your favourite wedges and you’ll be ready to step into the summer the envy of all your friends! Enjoy Summer 2015 ladies!