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Lovely in Lace

Lace has been very popular these last few seasons and, rather than going out and buying a whole new outfit, there are simple ways that lace can be incorporated into your current wardrobe. Lace can be easily bought in Hickeys and below are five ways lace can be added to items in your wardrobe.

Add sleeves to a dress/top.

Many people don’t like baring their arms and might have sleeveless dresses or tops in their wardrobes they’re not wearing. A simple solution to this is to add sleeves, lace sleeves being a lovely option.

The above dress from ASOS is an example of the type of sleeves that our seamstresses can add for you.

Add a lace piece to the front of a dress.

Another problem people find with some dresses is that they feel the front is too low. Adding a piece of material is the perfect solution to this and this House of Fraser dress shows how a lace panel can make a dress more wearable.

Add length to a dress.

Staying with the theme of dresses, length is another thing many people worry about. Adding a piece of the lace can not only lengthen a dress but can also make a dress more interesting, as seen below.

Update your favourite pair of jeans.

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans and we all know how hard it is to find a perfect pair that you love. So instead of trawling the shops, why not give your old pair a makeover with some lace pockets. The lace works very well with pastel colour jeans but also adds an interesting contrast to your regular denims.

Update your favourite jumper.

We all have our comfy go-to jumpers and adding lace elbow patches like this cardigan from ASOS can be a fun way to update your look.

All these alterations can be done in The ZipYard Stores across the country and we’d love to see your ideas of ways to add lace to your wardrobe.

Jenny McKenna

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