From shipping to home wear and finally the wardrobe, Burlap has stood the test of time and for me is the most versatile fabric in the world!

Typically used to store potatoes/grains and rice because of its amazing ability to absorb moisture. Burlap or also known as Hessian originated in Eastern Asia in the 19th was used mainly for making rugs, carpets and linoleum but since then we have seen it used for absolutely everything!!

Burlap comes from a plant name “Jute” which grows in India and Bangladesh. The fibers of the plants are sewn together to create burlap. Shipping: Used to transport Potatoes, vegetables, rice and even coffee Fishing: Used to constructed Nets, ropes and similar products Landscaping: Used as windbreakers for plants and small trees Farming: Used as protectors against pests like mice and rats Art: Used as a canvas for painting or used as a work surface Films: Used as a prop in horror movies (Texas Chainsaw mascara/The Phantom Killer) …..Terrifying fabrics Flooding: Used to make sandbags for temporary protection against flooding The strength of this fabric alone is amazing; it can withstand a huge amount of pressure. Its extremely weather resistant and can be dried over and over and over again without any damage to the fabric! It can be coloured, sewn, and treated.

We can help you bring your Burlap Ideas to life! Below we have a cushion we made from Burlap, very simple but makes a big statement!