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Ever wonder why clothes look so perfect on celebs and not on you? We have the answer!

Ever wonder how celebrities always seem to look perfect in jeans, tees, skirts and pretty much EVERYthing? How come everything fits THEM perfectly yet the rest of us are yanking up the gaping waistband of our jeans or battling with a skirt that keeps riding up? How come even a relatively curvier celeb like Kim Kardashian doesn’t have an issue with getting her bum into jeans that are still snug on the waist yet don’t give her a muffin-top?

We are always led to believe by magazines and celebs themselves that it is mainly down to lithe, slender figures (thanks to celeb personal trainers and diet experts) and loads of cash to spend on expensive designer clothes. While this is true to a certain extent, celebrities have another well-kept secret which is really accessible to all us mere-mortals. That secret is actually a good tailor!

It recently emerged that Kim Kardashian employs a £3,000 per day “Booty Tailor” (Thanks, Daily Mirror!) to be on hand to alter any garment she has to accommodate her UK size 14 bum and her UK size 8 waist. Of course with such a curvy derriere and petite waist and legs, it must be a nightmare to get anything to flatter you would think. Not so, she buys everything to fit comfortably on her widest part and then has the legs and waist tailored to fit her slimmer proportions. This ensures a look that is figure flattering in the extreme, you just need to see these pictures for the visible proof!

But apparently all celebs, whether slim or curvy, are using tailors to perfect the fit of all their outfits even down to those casual outfits the paparazzi catch them out and about in. Through the many fashion blogs we follow here at The Zip Yard we found this great article that quotes one of the presenters of the American version of What Not to Wear who lets us in on the secret that not only is everything that celebs wear tailored to fit perfectly, but so is EVERY garment featured on makeover shows such as the one he presents!

According to this article, what celebs do is actually ignore the size tag, and get things big enough to fit their widest part and have the rest all altered to fit them like a tailor-made glove! Such a liberating way to shop don’t you agree? It can be so hard to battle with the sizing in shops and wonder why things don’t look good on us, and unfortunately our tendency is to blame ourselves for not losing those few extra pounds. Well, let’s call a halt to trying to fit the clothes and make the clothes fit us! It’s the clothing fit revolution!

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