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Restyle and Re-Trend your way to winter style

Okay, so we know it’s still summer time here in Ireland but……autumn and winter are on the way. As any stylish girls knows, you need to be prepared!

With this in mind the annual closet clean-out begins. This year instead of discarding your summer clothes to the attic or giving them to a sibling or friend, why not hold onto them and restyle with The Zip Yard? Who knows you might become a re-trending champion among your friends!

Whether you want to take that summer dress that you loved (and still love) while the weather was warm on holiday in sunnier climes or here at home the possibility exists to winterise (American saying but we love it!) that dress. We have the proven ability to line the dress to make it warmer for the winter, add material to totally change the look and feel or cut  material from the original garment and restyle it into another creation that will add value to any girls clothing arsenal.

Maybe you have summer clothes that have been just taking up space for the last few years and you need to do something with them or else they are going to the charity store? Re-trend might be the answer for you. Re-trending has become a big part of today’s society (Thanks to the economic downturn) but hey, who’s complaining? At The Zip Yard we can take your old summer blouses, trousers, jeans, shorts or sweaters and totally re-trend them. If you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to create in a re-trending style, why not come in and have a consultation in any one of our stores nationwide for the best advice on re-trending.

Don’t worry if your old gladrags have holes or are not looking their best, we’ve got you covered. We can accessorise or add material to hide the remnants of a great night out with the girls!

Who know’s you might just create that gem of original re-trended fashion that is to die for??

Thanks – The Zip Yard Team