You are currently viewing Channel 4’s “This Old Thing” does The Zip Yard Thaaaang

Channel 4’s “This Old Thing” does The Zip Yard Thaaaang

Are you obsessed with Channel 4s latest new TV show with Dawn O’Porter? We can’t get enough of “This Old Thing” (Click here for info).

But guess what? This is old hat (pardon the pun) for us because remodeling garments is our daily grind at The Zip Yard. Some of our favourite work is up cycling and remodeling beautiful pieces from vintage stores & charity shops. From brightly patterned dresses to natural fur coats, we have worked with it all. We know the sheer delight of finding a bespoke one off dress cut from an incredible fabric with a pattern that is to die. But we also know the sheer annoyance of that fabulous find looking a bit too 80’s for our liking. We adore working with customers to make these coveted classics the perfect fit for their body shape and nothing excites us more than making clothes more accessible to the era we are in. It’s quite simply what we do with this old thing!

Like the beautiful Dawn, we can take your veteran vestments and give them the 21st century fairy dust they need so you can release the inner fashionista in you. Next time you are rifling through the rails in your local vintage store, bear in mind that The Zip Yard can alter practically any item your little fashion forward heart desires.  Those glorious fibers you have pondered over may no longer be such a fashion faux pas but more a stunning sensation your friends will envy you for.  You could emulate a 1950’s Marylin Monroe pin up with a 2014 twist or you could make a new take on a 1970’s A line mini dress.

Subtle changes to garments revive the romance in tired dated pieces and keep the magic alive in unusual and quality textiles. Attention to detail & good tailoring turn a second hand bargain into a made to measure treasure.   Just remember we can shorten, lengthen, widen, take in, remove fabric, add fabric, embellish or accentuate any item you fall in love with. Coats, dresses, jackets, skirts, blouses, suits and every other wardrobe cohabitant you can think of can be ripped & stitched to your liking.

Sentimental pieces belonging to loved ones like your Mums wedding dress can be turned into your baby’s christening gown or you’re auntie’s sundress can be your favourite new work wear. How heart-warming is it to get excited about a dress someone you love had been excited about many moons before? Style is such a personal and individual thing. You can easily give someone the precious gift of keeping their style alive by renovating their old items.

Go on you lot, get the wear out of your wardrobe and everyone else’s too X