5 Questions – Are you a fashion-able or fashion-unable when it comes to style?

Today we’re going to have a little fun here at The Zip Yard. We want to see who’s fashion-able or fashion-unableout there or who not. Take the quiz below, it’s only for fun but if you want to send your answers to us pleas post them on our Facebook page. You can access it here: The Zip Yard Ireland – Facebook

There’s going to be a huge party at your friends house, what do you wear? 

  • Comfortable jean’s that you just love, an everyday t-shirt and some runners?
  • String top, skinny jeans, and a comfortable flat shoe. Let’s add jewelry or makeup?
  • Designer dress and dark heavy makeup.Go with the big heels?

What do you normally wear to school or college?

  • Skinny jeans and a regular shirt. Get my runners?
  • I wear whatever I see first. But I’d really need my Pandora.The rest is thrown together.
  • Some dresses that are hanging around my closet?

Who’s your fashion icon?

  • I really don’t have one…
  • Nadia Forde or Sharon ni Bheolain!? You decide
  • I have my own style and my own mood!

What way do you like to have your nails?

  • I Like the color pink with dark tints, sparkles with red!
  • I don’t really use nail polish but I could see myself using it in the future.
  • I’ll use the same colour every time, dark blue

Your wardrobe is full of the following clothes:

  • Comfortable clothes and tops that don’t have a shape to them.
  • Things I love to wear, skinny jeans, fitted tops and heels.
  • I only go with designer clothes, because I’m worth it!