When Two Become One

“Waste Not Want Not” as the old saying goes, when two become one everyone’s happy!

Do you have tops in your wardrobe that you never wear for one reason or another? My pet peeve is my arms! I have so many lovely blouses that never get an outing for fear my bingo wings will be on display. Therefore we need to figure out how to make it so when two become one the results are pretty outstanding! At The Zip Yard, we can mix items together removing & adding sleeves to combat mine and your upper arm phobia


As you can see, the results produced above are pretty indicative of what we can do at The Zip Yard to make two become one. Whether it’s a blouse or some other piece of clothing that needs to be merged, we’ve got you covered at The Zip Yard. We’ve grown over the years to amass a lot of experience in this area and can advise on any query that you may have regarding restyling or re-trending the clothes that are currently in your wardrobe. Fear not though, if you have a new item that you’ve bought recently and feel that it might fit/ look better when attached to another item that you have, we can work with this also!

So what do you reckon, why not rummage through your closet and get in touch with us? We can re-trend your sleeveless pieces so you maximise your options. Dig deep and count on us to alter your clothes to suit your body shape when two become one. X