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God save the jeans

It is the age old story where our most beloved jeans become most worn before we know it, making their way to the rubbish bin while we mourn their previous bottom lifting potential and therefore we say “God save the jeans”! Fret not! Once again we are here to salvage your civvies. We endeavor to save your favorite threads from an unfavorable exit by repairing them to perfection so ones derriere can return to its previous pride. God knows we spent long enough traipsing the town to find the perfect pair that makes our legs look long, our tummy non existent, our hips simply skimmed, our waist minuscule and our bum beyond bootiful. We’ll be damned if said garment of glory will be dumped without a fight.

We use a special patch & repair system where we match the thread colors to weave over the affected areas bringing denims out of the graveyard and back to the land of the living. This technique has revived even the most threadbare trousers and put smiles back on the faces of many a disappointed Levis lover. Time = 0, Zip Yard = 1

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