Dress for Success: The Zip Yard are your work wear alteration specialists

Like it or not you are judged in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone by your personal appearance. Remember your appearance is a non-verbal form of communication in this visually orientated world where people think “What they see is what is what they get”. So remember to dress for success!

First Rule is to know your body type and what will work for you. If you have difficulty with this why not call into your nearest Zip Yard where our “Stylefish” accredited staff will be able to advise you on your body shape and garments that will suit you. The most expensive garment in the world can look awful if it is not suited to your body type.

Second Rule:  Look Sharp – Be sharp. Ok so you have a good grasp on what suits you but remember it’s extremely important to have your garments fitting properly. A badly fitted outfit look sloppy. Dressing professionally shows you care. Trousers that are too long is a definite no-no. Other main areas to focus on are shoulders on a jacket, sleeve length and also the legs of trousers. You don’t need to wear pants that are too tight but they definitely shouldn’t be too wide for your legs. The appearance of a dress can change dramatically when the length is altered. Our fully trained seamstress will be able to advise you on the fit of your garment.

Third Rule: Remember that you are not only representing yourself but also your company. An employer will never give you a promotion if you arrive to work looking like you just climbed out of bed. Dressing too casually in badly fitted clothes gives an “I don’t care” attitude that no employer wants. Your chances of bagging that job or promotion have dropped significantly when you have a sloppy appearance. Dressing professionally not only reflects your image but your companies. Wrinkled clothes or missing buttons is just plain unacceptable in ever competitive world where image is everything. If everyone around you dresses casually this is all the better for you. You will stand out for all the good reasons.

Fourth Rule: Clothes can alter your confidence. If you are dressed well you will feel great. Think about the feeling you get when you have been complimented on your appearance. You feel confident and give off the correct body language when dressed well. This will carry through in your interaction with others. There’s nothing worse than dressing inappropriately and feeling like you are trying to hide away from people.

You’ve spent countless hours on education interviewing and networking to build up a great C.V. Don’t overlook your visual resume as part of the package With all this in mind why not drop into a Zip Yard near you and make-over your “work wardrobe”. You may find its money well spent when you land that dream job or promotion by how you dress for success.

Good Luck!

The Zip Yard Maynooth