10 Celebrity inspired Alterations to make Petite frames look Taller

Ok curvy girls move over, we might be small but us petites frames have plenty to dress about. So we weren’t blessed with bountiful bosoms or hour glass gorgeousness but we can  look & feel sexy. Don’t be fooled, just cause we are skinny doesn’t mean we look good in everything. Like our curvy comapdres, we too have to be mindful & dress for our shapes. One of the best places to pick up lengthening tips is from teeny weeny celebrities like Eva Longoria, Nicole Richie, Reese Witherspoon & Rachel Bilson. These ladies know exactly how to use clothing alterations to make their tiny frames look elongated on the red carpet.

Nicole Richie

Here are some handy celebrity inspired tips from us good folk here at The Zip Yard that will have the dainty damsels of Ireland looking longer, leaner and leggier than even good ole Naomi herself.

Tip #1: Make sure garments are tailored & well fitted to your petite frame. Too much fabric and length can swamp a delicate frame making petites look wider rather than taller. Tailor your clothes so they are custom fit for your slight frame

Tip #2: Cut  U or V shapes into dresses & tops to give the illusion of height drawing the eye vertically along your body

Tip #3: Avoid miniskirts, pencils are your best friend so long as they are shortened just above the knee or on it. Minis will only serve to emphasise a shorter leg.

Tip #4: Steer clear of wide belts in favour of a skinny slimline belt. The wider belt will break up the vertical illusion  we so desperately want to keep. Use left over material from shortening a dress to make a slim belt

Tip #5: Incorporate monochromatic dressing. The use of one colour up and down will create the impression of a longer leaner figure. When dressmaking keep full colour dressing in mind

Tip #6: Avoid oversized accessories. Keep the handbag simple girls, no birkins required here. Opt for an elegant clutch instead Eva Longoria

Tip #7: Veer towards a jacket with 3/4 length or full length sleeves. The cap or short sleeve jacket breaks up the arms often making little ladies look stumpy. Add sleeves to existing jackets to maximise your height if you have a petite frame

Tip #8: Love the pinstripe. Thin vertical stripes are great for making torsos look taller. Add piping to jackets or blouses to give that pinstripe gangsta effect

Tip #9: Skip too much heavy embellishment.  This draws the eye to specific areas of the body. An overall eye sweep from shoulders to feet will stretch a smaller shape.  Remove heavy beading on existing items to give an overall eye pleasing result

Tip #10: Go for single breasted coats & jackets. Abstain form double breasted patterns that will add bulk to your body. Try altering a double breasted garment buy taking it in to make it single breasted.

Now you have the ammunition to dress like a star!  It’s time to revisit your wardrobe with new Zip Yard inspired eyes. Dig deep to pull out those items you never seem to wear and remember if it fits under a sewing machine, chances are it can be altered. Remodelling and Resizing are paramount to dressing a petite princess. An inch can make a mile of difference when you come in a small package. Like the Hollywood A listers, you don’t want to end up on your best friends worst dressed list so remember to steer clear of overwhelming patterns and fabrics and opt for clean cut, sharp lines in form fitting fabulousnessRcahel Bilson