The Zip Yard

Kilkenny Store

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Main Street
Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Tel: 01 5040836

Opening Hours

Sunday Closed

Monday to Saturday 09.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Welcome to the Zip Yard Kilkenny

Experience the pinnacle of garment alterations at The ZipYard in Kilkenny. Our store, located in the heart of the city, is your go-to destination for expert tailoring and meticulous garment care. We combine the traditional art of tailoring with contemporary techniques, ensuring every piece is altered with precision and attention to detail.

At The ZipYard Kilkenny, our team of skilled tailors and dressmakers is passionate about delivering the highest quality of service. We handle a vast array of alterations, from simple adjustments to complex restyling, for a variety of garments. Our expertise covers everything from daily wear to special occasion outfits, ensuring your clothing fits flawlessly and enhances your individual style.

We prioritize your convenience and satisfaction. Our store in Kilkenny is designed to make your alteration experience as smooth as possible, featuring comfortable fitting rooms for consultations and adjustments. We are committed to quick turnaround times, understanding the importance of having your garments ready when you need them. Plus, our text notification service keeps you updated on your alteration’s progress.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Speedy Turnaround

We’re committed to providing quick and efficient alteration services, ensuring your garments are altered and returned to you as promptly as possible, without ever compromising on the quality of our work.

Stay Updated

Communication is key at The ZipYard. We keep our customers informed throughout the alteration process with regular updates.

Loyalty Rewards

As a token of our appreciation, we offer a loyalty rewards program, providing you with exclusive benefits, discounts, and special offers. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued trust in our services.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services at The ZipYard Store - Kilkenny

At The ZipYard Kilkenny, we offer an extensive array of tailoring and alteration services, ensuring a perfect fit and style for every garment.

Essential Tips & Tricks for Customers Visiting The Zip Yard

Make the most of your visit to The Zip Yard with these helpful tips, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your tailoring and alteration needs.

FAQs for The ZipYard Kilkenny

Yes, we are experienced in altering eco-friendly and organic materials, handling them with the care and expertise they require.

Absolutely, we can resize down jackets, ensuring they maintain their warmth and functionality while fitting you perfectly.

Yes, our skilled tailors can work on custom fashion designs, bringing your unique visions to life with professional craftsmanship.

The time to alter a formal gown varies, depending on the complexity, but we aim to complete it efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.

Yes, we can add pockets to garments, providing both functionality and style to your clothing.

We offer rush services for last-minute alterations, subject to our current workload and the specific requirements of the job.

Yes, we provide alterations for specialty sports apparel, ensuring a perfect fit for enhanced performance and comfort.

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