Sporting Clothes That Don’t Fit?

It’s over two weeks into the New Year and we salute those who’ve stuck to their resolutions! 
While many of us will have long since forgotten our keep fit aspirations as the calendar turned to 2019, those of you still getting value from your gym membership may also be seeing some other benefits!
Suddenly need a belt with those jeans? Your trusted jacket feeling a little loose? Congratulations, your healthy new regime has already lost you a few pounds. But there’s no need to shed hundreds of euros on a new wardrobe. At The Zip Yard we can resize your clothes to fit your new body shape.
We have a reputation of working with sports people of all disciplines and levels, including stars from the worlds of rugby..
…the world’s biggest MMA star…
…horse racing legends…
…and even Operation Transformation presenters!
If you’ve got something you’d like us to resize after shedding some pounds, please call into one of our  27 boutiques nationwide, where we’d be delighted to help!